Sonic's Nose

Sonic has a silly nose. This is clear. Now shush.

Actually, unshush. Read this carefully. Sonic has a nose. This is powerful. But you knew that, I'm sure. However, I'm just stalling for time (la la la...) since the page will redirect you elsewhere in four seconds. La la la...

"Cyan is a rodent of wide interests, who has applied his unique talents to many fields; especially in electronics, machine-level programming, and music. He is most well known to the wider world for his early and essential work -- which led to his place on the SSRG -- creating hacking and editing utilities for the Sonic ROMs, for use in the emulation scene."
"His unique talents have been showcased on his own two previous web sites - firstly, the Underground Zone, where he was the first to take a violently pro-Sonic Underground stance on the net - and then Sonic Server, a gaffa-tape home-foam Linux box designed solely to hold the things too weird for Of note among these are Cyan's collection of fan art - not to be missed by lovers of wobbly mouse lines!"