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Site Questions

When is the bloody site going to be uploaded?

It's uploaded; shush.

How soon does "coming soon" mean?

Typically, "coming soon" means the project will be canned. "Awaiting Upload" means that the project has already been canned. "Temporarily Down" means the page was never there, and never will be.

Do you think I should ditch my 56K modem and Packard Bell windows PC in favour of a 2600 modem in a phone box with an old 8086 tapped into the lights for power?

Yes. It'll be faster and the overall environment will be far more comfortable.

Should I live in the sewer?

It should have been your childhood home.

Are the terms and conditions as bad as I think they are?

No; they're worse

I have a nose!


Why did Cyan leave the Sonic Scene?


Where did the Underground Zone go?

Here, although it is no longer being maintained. It may be removed at some point; it is merely archived as a museum piece. Apart from the Sonic Underground resources (of which there are many better places online these days), there isn't much on that site which isn't available here.

Why didn't you answer my e-mail?

Sometimes, an e-mail is just too stupid to answer! However, in almost all cases, unanswered e-mail is due to the mail getting lost, your reply address being invalid (I only try once!) or me overlooking it, and throwing it away =P
If you don't get a response from an e-mail within a month, re-send it. If you still don't get a response, then just shut up =D (or check your reply address).


I DO NOT HATE TAILS!!! Far, far from it. Despite what you might believe after seeing certain things on this site, I have nothing against him. However, he's a wonderful candidate for "character breaking", but that's another matter entirely, which I won't even touch upon here.

w00t!1 waht pckage did u use 2 make ur site d00d/?

WHAT!?!? All HTML on this site was hand-crafted in a BeOS text editor. No horrible lovely horrid fun fun lovely wonderful tools were used AT ALL. Apart from a text editor. I'm positively insulted.
It is designed to be as compatible as possible (although a text-only version is also in the works), so if you experience any rendering errors, get in touch without delay.

I'm going to use your HTML layout and maybe your code, because I think it looks really cool, and I want my website to look like that. Okay?

ALL HTML, HTML techniques, graphics and design on this site is copyrighted, like all of our other materials. Read further down and the legal section for more information.
Stealing from this site is strictly prohibited, and will be pursued to the maximum extent possible under law.
Anyone found violating our copyright will be dealt with as we see fit, including but not limited to legal action and destruction of your computer equipment. Read the legal section for more information. You agreed to allow said activities by using this site. Viewing or stealing the HTML, while an infringement, constitutes a "use" of this site, for which you are bound to the terms and conditions fully and without qualification.

Can I link to your site?

Yes, you can link to this site, but only if you operate a personal, legal, NON-COMMERCIAL site. Sending links to associates is permitted, but sending links to commercial parties is _not_ permitted.
In all cases, the linker is suggested to get in touch with the site authors beforehand. Link to main sections ONLY; see the legal section for more information.
This site may change in many ways, so you must check your links on a regular basis.


NO. See the legal section regarding grammar and US citizens as well.
It is our policy _not_ to link to third party sites based on requests; we may link to sites we feel of value, although this is much less likely to occur if you have already invalidated your chance for a link by requesting one.
The same goes for webrings.

I want to host some of your utilities on my site! Or a picture or two! Can I do that?

NO, not without permission. If you wish to host our content on your site then you must get in touch with the site authors first. We may or may not grant permission depending on many factors. We would also prefer that you do not send our files to others; instead direct them to this site.
Hosting our content on P2P sharing networks or via any other "broadcast" method is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
Modifying any of our content, be it fanwork or otherwise, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, regardless of how widely said content is distributed, if at all.

This is a fansite! How can you possibly hold any copyright on it?

All legal concerns are addressed in the legal section -- see that for more information.
We hold FULL copyright over all original content (including the HTML, HTML techniques, and site design), and the artistic input in fanworks, but we DO NOT claim copyright over characters owned by Sega, Sonic Team, or any other party. Trademarks are owned by their respective owners.
All fanwork is intended as tribute, parody, review or educational material, and is not intended to harm the profits or image associated with said characters, nor is it intended to profit out of others' work.
This site is not affiliated with Sega, Sonic Team, or any other such party. What you see on this site is not intended to represent Sega's or Sonic Team's vision of their characters.
You _must_ read the legal section; you should have done before reading this section, since you're already bound to the terms and conditions.

I'm so shocked! The content on this site is so offensive!

Ahahahahaaaaaaa!!! Hahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Read the legal section. Haha!

I'm offended! This is terrible stuff! I'm going to tell Sega about Emulationzone!

Whoops. You've really made some bad mistakes here:
1) By entering this site, you agreed to the terms and conditions in the legal section, which prohibits you from such behaviour.
2) Emulationzone is an _upstream_ host, and does not have any direct authorship over this site. We author this site. Emulationzone are _upstream_ from us.
Read the legal section for more information.

There's advertising in some places! I bet you're running a business! I bet you're making lots of money from ads and stuff from running this site! I bet you're trying to get away with making money out of Sega's property and trademarks!

WRONG. We are not making a single penny out of this site; it is purely a hobbyist fansite, designed as a tribute to many things, and a housing for our own works.
From time to time, you may see advertising. All revenues for advertising are handled by Emulationzone and its upstream hosts, and are reported to go _directly_ back into the server and service to improve the connection speed. This is _not_ a commercial site in any way, shape or form. We do not see any of this revenue.
Read the legal section for more information.

I've got more questions, but I don't feel like doing more HTML!

HEY! I'm the one suffering the HTML here!
Any other questions should be directed to the contact addresses. We reserve the right to use any particularly funny/silly/clueless/insulting correspondence however we like on this site -- see the legal section for more information.

Ugh! Split these HORRIBLE long pages up into multiple sections!!

::gets insulation tape out and winds it frantically around the muzzle of the remote user, in the hope of reducing the emitted noise level::
Uh....don't let that put you off e-mailing me suggestions though.... really... o.o;;


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