[-] Fume Cupboard FacilityLOADED: MUSICAL MISCHIEF

[-] Green Grove Porn08/Nov/01Cyan, Richard Jacques
Green Grove. Porn. Duh.
Why? If you listen to it, you'll see! It's what I term "musical porn" -- proof that you _can_ make something sick with conventional musical instruments alone!
Many apologies to Richard Jacques!

[-] SA Speedup Theme17/Jan/01Cyan, Unknown
Here's two "MIDIs" I created -- I started by recomposing the Sonic Adventure speedup theme using a Korg X5D, and then created a "remix" -- of sorts -- from the original MIDI.
The MIDI files are _not_ available, only MP3, since without a Korg X5D, you won't be able to get any sense out of it.

[-] Listen to Your Heart21/Mar/00Cyan, Mike Piccirillo
Here's a MIDI file of "Listen to Your Heart" from Sonic Underground. This MIDI file is ONLY for genuine Yamaha XG synthesizers -- XG-compatible third-party synths will NOT do, and anything from Corrosive Labs is an insult to music itself. Thankfully, a lot of modern Yamaha soundcards are XG-compliant, and you can obtain a software synthesizer from Yamaha's website if needs be. Highly recommended if you're currently corroding.

[-] Panic Puppet Remix12/Aug/99Cyan, Richard Jacques
This remix was one of my first public Sonic remixes, although it is now showing its age, despite Richard Jacques' (the original composer) very favourable comments on it. In case you haven't already guessed, it's a remix of Richard Jacques' Panic Puppet Zone from the Saturn version of Sonic 3D Blast.

[-] RARARAAAA!12/Jan/03Cyan, Unknown
RraaaaAAA! RrrrRAAaaaaAA! RRaaaAAAAAAAa!!!!! aAAAAaaaaa!!!
Note: it's recorded very quietly, so you'll have to turn your amp up.                                                                                                

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