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Oily Hoover

Properly, a scientific term, describing a certain class of solutions to problems. Problems of any kind can be addressed in these terms, but they are most common in mechanical engineering.

Loosely, the phrase can describe any situation.

In order to qualify as an Oily Hoover solution, the process must render itself unnecessary. Moreover, it should usually accomplish this through dangerous mechanical means. A good example of how Oily Hooverness can render an already redundantly complex system totally pointless and highly hazardous can be found under RPI. Like many Oily Hoovers, this solution was Ivonic.

It is in theory possible to qualify as O.H. without bloodshed or insurance claims, as long as the outcome is sufficiently negative. A mathematical O.H. solution, for example, might start from a simple equation and, by a series of obscure biro additions, end by disproving the existence of the numbering system it was using to frame the problem in the first place. And possibly the mathematician.

Although the best Oily Hoover solutions are usually undocumented due to destroying their creators with wonderful skill (along with all evidence), it should not be confused (and can be contrasted) with the infamous Oily Ruler. It's much too safe for that.


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