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[-] Glossary: Muzzle-Tilt


1. muzzle-tilting: The act of inclining the muzzle (at an angle no greater than 45 degrees from the horizontal, after which it becomes patricking).

2. muzzle-tilted: Descriptive of a personality or some aspect of a person's behaviour; one who muzzle-tilts and displays the qualities associated with muzzle-tilting (smugness, superiority, princessness, and often an angry or mischievous combination of the above). This behaviour is very often associated with princesses, for whatever reason. It should be cultivated by anyone who enjoys being spanked.

Muzzle-tilting should be distinguished from plain tilting, and also from patricking, both of which have totally different emotional connotations (and in the case of patricking, is liable to get you a distinctly less kinky comeuppance).

Muzzle tilting


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