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[-] Glossary: Malumania


Malumania, drawn from the Latin for "apple", is the name of a neurological disorder recently isolated by The Fume Stuff Research Group. The only known case is that of the foolish ground squirrel Baneus Singollo.

A Doctor explained to this publication that the patient believed -- erroneously -- that he owned an Apple Macintosh home micro-computer. The patient, in fact, owned no such machine, and has never even used one, but it was impossible to dissuade him from this belief. When challenged to provide evidence, he pointed to his extreme artiness, and his possession of a black roll-neck sweater, as sure and certain proof.

Malumania is at present incurable, although it is benign, and the patient does not yet appear to present a danger to the public. Various treatment plans have been proposed, ranging from electroconvulsive therapy to actual exposure to an Apple Macintosh (although the British Medical Association may deem this inhumane, after their debate on the subject). Doctor Helkaraxe has his own theory on the subject, and he is currently conducting experiments on genetically modified Macintoshes in order to isolate a curative drug. His plans and current results can be accessed in the Strange Things section.


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