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[-] Glossary: Mystic Devil-Chanting

Devil-Chanting, Mystic

Mystic Devil-Chanting is the technical term for the strange and sinister ASCII string that is looped at the end of the Genecyst 0.32 executable binary file. This was apparently inserted by the author (or other powers) in order to pad it out to exactly 666,666 bytes, in addition to a strange image somewhere in the middle of the file.
An example of the Devil-Chanting follows:


Fascinatingly, when it is decoded, this arcane chant turns out to read "santa loves u"....finally, an explanation for the hohoho at the end!! Although since it was padded out to such a well-known value, who knows who the programmer thought he was invoking....typos can be dangerous!

This is the origin of the phrase, but it can be applied to any chanting desired so long as it is sufficiently mystic and appropriately devilish, such as a Linux cd-burn-HOWTO.

This page uses terms that could be construed as religious or pertaining to religion. The phrase that this entry explains was coined without specific religious meaning in mind, and should not be construed as representative of the coiners' religious thoughts.
Religion is, in our opinion, the greatest crime in human intellectual history, and we do not wish to be misinterpreted as contributing to its propaganda.


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