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[-] ROM Copier27/Feb/00Cyan
If you have the ability to perform basic soldering skills and want to dump SEGA Megadrive / Genesis cartridges, this document will be of extreme interest to you! The document details the construction of a fully-functional ROM dumper, which allows you to transfer the contents of cartridges to your PC. Unlike most ROM copiers, this one is specifically designed to be as easy to build as possible, and requires very little skill or special tools, at the slight expense of copy speed (a couple of minutes for a cartridge).
DOS Software included!

[-] Sonic 1 Hacking??/??/99Cyan / Rocket
Originally created by Cyan Helkaraxe during the process of creating the Sonic 1 Beta Hoax ROM, the Sonic 1 hacking document was the Internet's first Sonic 1 hacking guide. A few months after release, Damian set up his own Sonic 1 hacking guide, which was quickly merged with this, to create the joint effort you see today.
Alas, this document has fallen out of date in recent times, although it may be reworked at some future point.
NOTE: Due to the demise of the SSRG, this is now an external link to a third-party site, therefore no guarantees to the integrity of the document are made.

[-] Sonic 2 Beta28/Feb/99Cyan / Bane
Although about as out-of-date as you can get, this document is of historical interest, since it was one of the first things Cyan posted to Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta page shortly after the uncovering of Sonic 2 Beta.
It is basically a thesis documenting the known Sonic 2 beta versions, and by compiling evidence from multiple sources, it speculates of several other versions of the Sonic 2 beta. This document was the first to coin the terms "gamma" and "delta" when referring to Sonic games.
Note to skeptics: "gamma", and even sometimes "delta" _are_ valid software development labels, usually used when the beta has had more revisions than expected. Observe the BeOS 5 filetype editor for executable binaries if you're in any doubt.

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