[-] Fume Cupboard FacilityLOADED: CODING CAPERS

[-] Hedge24/Dec/02Cyan
Get 50 rings and double jump (very quickly).
Have fun!                                                                                               

[-] Tails Crusher04/Dec/02Cyan
Tails: yeeeuuuuuuchh....ugh....groooosssssssss!
This app is the infamous Tails Crusher, ported to the SEGA Megadrive. Think of the Sonic 3 end sequence, and you'll know what to expect! The code in this app is 100% original assembler -- nothing was borrowed from the Sonic games -- but the graphics are mostly Sonic Team's work, with the exception of the...uhm...."messy" stuff...

[-] Maze Editor26/Aug/99Cyan
This is the original Sonic 1 special stage editor presented to the SSRG in 1999. This MS-DOS program lets you alter or create Sonic 1 special stage mazes by adjusting savestate files. It features a fully mouse-driven GUI, colourful high resolution graphics, a zoom-out mode, and the ability to create mazes up to 6x the size of the originals!

[-] Sonic 1 Hoax11/May/99Cyan
This little ROM file caused a lot of controversy when it was released to Simon Wai's web page back in early May '99. This is what is generally accepted to be the first "ROM hack", and certainly the first Sonic beta hoax. Unfortunately, it is showing its age, and lacks technical merit; it is included here for history's sake.

[-] Debug-O-Matic II18/Jul/99Cyan
The Debug-O-Matic II -- a much more sophisticated sequel to the original -- is a package which allows the user to hack Sonic savestates in a number of ways, including the ability to use action replay codes beginning with FF (previously impossible), easy patching of a given hex address in RAM, patch Sonic 2 beta into debug mode, or Sonic 2 final into Hidden Palace, and adjust the level/act/lives variables in Sonic 2.
This was the first ever multi-purpose hacking tool for the Sonic games, although it has now been discontinued for numerous reasons.

[-] Text Cracker22/Feb/99Cyan
The Text Cracker is a sophisticated search-and-replace application which can find text strings using differentials instead of absolute matches. This means that you can search for "SONIC" and all occurrences of "SONIC", "TPOJD", or any other offset will be found and changed as appropriate.
This allows this program to change byte-based text which has its base at any starting value, such as the text on the Sonic 1 level select -- in fact, that's what this program was created for in the first place; a tool to assist the production of the Sonic 1 beta hoax.

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