About the emulator

The emulator is written in C, I'm using DJGPP to compile it. The CPU is based on Marat's
6502 emulation. I had to modify it, because the Hu6280 has a few additional features.

The new version includes:

     new video modes for MSDOS: 320x200, 256x256 and 256x240.
     Sound in Unix, MacOS, RiscOS and Win32 versions.
     fixed lots of bugs
     made "run-mode" the default setting.

I don't have much time currently, and I don't want to delay the release of VPCE v0.3 anymore.
I got some mail about adding sound to MSDOS. I need some time to look at everything,
maybe I add sound into v0.4 of VPCE/MSDOS.

update: I'm working in a group to produce a Sharp X68000 emulator. I already learned some
things I can use to improve VPCE. The bad thing is, that the development of VPCE is frozen,

Future plans

I'm planning CD-ROM support for the next version. If you have any information about the
CD-ROM interface or the arcade-card, please contact me. And I'd like to have more CDs for

Getting VPCE

These versions are available of VPCE:

     VPCE/Win32 (Windows 95/NT 4.0):
          Edward Massey (edward@greenvillenc.com)

          VPCE/Win32 v0.15

          Edward doesn't have time to continue with VPCE/Win32. I've got someone new
          for the port, but the version isn't ready, yet.
     VPCE/MacOS (PowerPC-Engine):
          Jonathan Lane (jingai@earthlink.net)

          VPCE/MacOS v0.3.5 (link to the homepage)
          Jens Ch. Restemeier (jchrr@hrz.uni-bielefeld.de)

          VPCE/MSDOS 0.3 (lokal)

          Attention: There seems to be a problem with Win95 and VPCE/MSDOS ! Please
          quit Win95 completely if you want to try VPCE/MSDOS.

          Paul Clifford (paul@plasma.demon.co.uk)

          VPCE/RiscOS v0.2b (link to the homepage)

          This is currently the last version of VPCE for RiscOS, because Paul has other and
          more important projects to work on. If you want to port VPCE to RiscOS, please
          Steven Fuller (steveflr@ibm.net) (SVGAlib)
          Osamu KURATI (kurati@bigfoot.com) (X)

          VPCE/Unix v0.3 (link to the homepage)

          Steven Fuller has left the VPCE team. I'm going to continue the SVGAlib version,
          and I'll add a GGI version with v0.4.