Magic Engine
version 0.90

The Magic Engine is a PCEngine (Turbo Grafx - 16, in the United States) emulator for PCs.

In order to run the Magic Engine, it is recommended that you have a Pentium (100 Mhz) with
at least 16 Meg of RAM. If you wish to use the CD emulation, then a CD Rom reader is also

Two demo versions of the Magic Engine are available in the archive. One version is a demo
version that does not allow you to play any games. The other version allows you to play games
for 15 minutes (without sound, and only images that are under 256K).

A US$35 registration fees is required for the full registered version (please contact the
emulator's author at the e-mail listed below for full details).

                         AVAILABLE NOW!

             The latest version of the Magic Engine (v 0.90) which includes:

     Full CD and SCD and Games Express CD support
     Native support for Ensoniq and GUS soundcards
     VESA Support
     Full screen display
     Redefinable keyboard control
     Multi-Player modes (up to 5) with controls through keyboard, gamepads and the Gravis
     Additional HuCard image support