Version: V1.89 Beta7 (01/03/99)

Welcome to Hu6280, The PC-Engine Emulator for Windows!!!


Instructions for use:

just double click the bitch, then click on the pce file you want to run...
If you have any of the following items to donate, please email
and we can trade addresses... :)
1) HU7 Devkit!
2) Official Pc-Engine documentation
3) Any Hucards (USA or JAP)
4) Any Pc-Engine CD-Roms
5) Any Pc-Engine related hardware
6) Any Pc-Engine related magazines etc.
7) Any Pc-Engine backup devices
8) $$$ ;)-~


Pentium Processor (333mhz+ recommended :)
Some Ram (64mb+ recommended :)
a decent video card
a decent sound card
Windows 95 or Windows 98 or Windows NT
A Keyboard
Some Hucards to play (Jamanoid,Galaga88,Tigerheli & Gunhed recommended)


It runs the hucards... :)

Keys are:

'F1'      = Load a new rom (tasty feature eh?)
'F5'      = Load game (VERY tasty feature eh?)
'F6'      = Save game (VERY tasty feature eh?)
'F9'      = Save a screenshot (in .tga format)

'ESC'     = Quit! (not that you`ll want to...)

'CURSORS' = up,down,left,right
'A'       = pc-e joypad button 1
'Z'       = pc-e joypad button 2

in six button pad mode (just run sf2!) the following keys are mapped:

'1' = pc-e joypad button 1
'2' = pc-e joypad button 2
'3' = pc-e joypad button 3
'Q' = pc-e joypad button 4
'W' = pc-e joypad button 5
'E' = pc-e joypad button 6

please send bug reports (or cool tech infos) to:

Thanks going out to :

jens C H - yeah, vpce is nice... - THANKS FOR THE HELP DUDE!
BT Garner - thanx dude
JL_Picard - nicey nice mr nice! ;)
david shadoff - heh, TGSIM! kewl!!!!
kad77 - cheers mate
videoman - cheers mate
Zophar - (thanx for the spreading!)
Lance-MC - (thanx for the spreading!)
Emanuel Schleussinger (never spoken to you, but you helped in docs I read)
David Michiel - ok, I admit it, magic engine rocks the world!
Paul Clifford (never spoken to you, but you helped in docs I read)
- K - cheers for the donation man :)
Marius Fodor  - thanx for the sidewinder/gpp reading code ;)
the guy who coded 'SEAL' audio library!!! :)

and all the other pc-engine hackers out there...

--------------------- WIN32 HISTORY ---------------------


Initial release, only tested it on my machine, so, give me some feedback dudes...


V1.89 (BETA2)

NOW USES A 16BIT SCREEN! HOORAY! now we have all 512 pc-engine colours!!!!!
Optimized screen dump code & Palette emulation code
Fixed palette bug (erk, casting error!)
Now added romloading on F1
Now added screenshot code (TGA) on F9

V1.89 (BETA3)

Added sound emulation! (WORKS really nicely on a pII450, forget it if you`ve got anything less than a pII 266)
Fixed another palette bug that somehow cropped in there...
Fixed some memory leaks and general bugs... (bounds checker kicks ass)
Generally sweetened source code up a bit...

V1.89 (BETA4)

Added Load/Save state on F5/F6


V1.89 (BETA5)

Added a .ini file, edit this for your own custom settings... (rompath,savegamepath,screenshotpath and sound options)
much more friendly loading and saving games... (assumes a nice filename)
much more friendly saving screenshots (assumes a nice filename)
Fixed a memory leak

V1.89 (BETA6)

Improved detection of usa roms, now SPACE HARRIER (USA) & LEGEND OF HEROTONMA (USA) work ok.
'Final Soldier Special Version' (JAP) now runs ok.
Added Detection of supergrafx roms (taste the message!)
Fixed a dirty bug in shutdown code... :) should leave your system sweet after a shutdown now... :)

V1.89 (BETA7)


as you may have guessed, this bitchcow is running a tad faster thanx to jamsponge getting off his
arse and coding some tasty x86 ASM with a MASM/VTUNE combo. :)-~

Please report any bugs you find...