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    ROM links Maintainer

    ROM Site Links - Turbo Graphics 16 
    The web has very few ROM sites that are reliable and stay in existance for more then one month. On this page, I indend to list the more "elite" sites to minimize your search time for ROMS.
     Each site on this page has been up for awhile, meaning they probally wouldn't fade out anytime soon. A response time of 3 sec or less from the server to acknowlege my request for the file is a another requirment for a page to be listed here. (Meaning the site better be FAST!) And finally, the page must have a large selection of ROMs to be listed.

  • The Black Hole - Looking for NES roms, hacked NES roms and misolanious NES stuff? Then look no further then The Black Hole.
  • B.I.G.'s Emulation Station - A small collection of SNES and NES roms are here, including most of the MegaMen games.
  • The Calgary Flame's NES place - A page with a sloppy, but managable layout. He claims to have more than 700 NES ROMs.
  • Tser's GameBoy Rom's - this site bosts many gameboy games but do to lack of server space and server copywright crap he was forced to remove his collection...but is looking for about 40meg of storage space to house his large archive...anybody??
  • Wolf site - Looking for ALL the Sonic the Hedgehog games? Look no further then Wolf's site.
  •  Daves classics  awsome site! daves site really rocks..he offers many roms for many systems from atari 2600 to  neogeo..if its  there and dave dosnt have it.. he'll have somthing about it any way! well worth the visit.
  •  RomAroni Looking for nes roms? all i can say is wow!this site is packed with nes roms from a-z! total rom count 758! plus a surfer friendly page makes this your one stop nes shopping place!
  •  Emulation Excitement wow!this site is great! a little slow and graphic heavy but what they lack in speed the make up for in files...aka..roms Atari 2600 ,Atari 5200, Atari Lynx,Coleco Vision,Game Boy, Game Gear,Intellivision,N64,NEO*GEO,Nintendo (8-BIT),  Odyssey 2 , Sega Genesis/Mega Drive,

  • Sega Master ,Sega Saturn ,Sony Playstation, Super Nintendo/Famicom, Turbo Grafx 16/PC Engine ,Vectrex plus the list gos on...whew these guys are rolling in roms! 1425 games online, plus 504 Atari
      2600 ROMs in packages.
     EMU SEARCH looking for a certain rom? no one seem to have it? try emusearch if you cant find what you looking for maby you might just get lucky!
    . Emulation Station  heres a nice little site where you can find emulators and roms for the sega genesis tg16,neogeo and super site but pop ups kinda lame...ohhyh well gotta  make some cash to keep the site going dont ya know? hehe  =)

    . RomperRoom9X at first glance this site may seem a bit confusing there is quit a few things to choose from. they claim to  have over 3000 games to pick from...user name and password required..this can be obtained by emailing the webmaster!

    . Mikeys emulator page  a cool page with a surfer friendly design makes for a no nonsence emulation site. he covers most of the more popular console systems sega,nes,snes,psx....also quit a nice rom collection for the various go check him out!
    . The Emulation Net over 3500 ROM Files for most Arcade and Console Systems, Over 200
    Emulators and more Emu Stuff (Saved Games, Codes, Reviews and more!) All his ROMs and Emulators on his own servers! allso a nice layout and easy to find information.

    REvAeB's best of genesis roms and emulators  nice collection of some of the better sega genesis roms..lay out is kinda gawky and some of his links need to be fixed...but still nice site.

        If you or someone you know has a ROM site that fits my requirements, then send me the site's URL at All links worked January 12 1998.