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    NES Emulators

    It's getting crowded among the NES emulators, but I still think Nesticle by far is the best. Of course, there are pros and cons with every emulator, so if a game doesn't work satisfactory on one emulator, just try a different one! Enjoy the NES! - Kjetil

    BioNES by Shu Kondo Last Version: 0.2 [Homepage???] | [ScreenShot]

    A rather new emulator, for Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0, requiring DirectX 3.0 or newer. It is optimized for MMX technology, and has good graphics and sound support. It lacks a proper Auto-skip option when it comes to the framerate though, it runs a bit too fast on my P200MMX, and when I increase the frameskip to 1, it runs all to slow! But well, I guess it is a good alternative for Windows users, with machines up to the job. (I've heard that it is really slow on non-MMX machines.)
    For Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 with DirectX 3.0 or newer

    iNES by Marat Fayzullin Last Version: 0.7 [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    Though it was the superior NES emulator for quite some time, it has now fallen behind and fell into the state of shareware shambolles. But, it's not dead! This Windows based emulator run many games, has battery backup support and has great speed. It even has sound support, upon registration. The sound quality was a bit jumpy in Ver. 0.6, but I was told that it is much better now in the latest release.
    For Windows 95, Linux and others.

    Famicom by ??? Last Version: 0.13 [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    As the story goes, this emulator was found rotting away in an FTP site somewhere and re-released to the emulation scene. It does a great job emulating graphics for the most part, and it has good sound support as well, which I feel is much better then Pas26B's. Only problem is that it uses .FAM file format. (Convertion tips are on the Emulator Operation Tips page.) And the program is in Japanese. A translated .EXE for for the program into English is avaliable at the website someone set-up as the home of this emulator.
    The achive that this emulator comes in includes some games, (Super Mario world among others), since hardly any games are avaliable in this format.
    For Windows 3.1+

    PASWING by ??? Last Version: 2.6b [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    >From the guy who gave us SPW comes another Windows based emulator. It runs many games and sports features like screen capture, game save option and even a sprite editor. (In fact, this emulator to offer these features for the NES platform!) It has sound support, but the sound emulation is not that impressive, and the text and document files are in Japanise! (Translation patch avalible.) The emulator is not multitasking friendly, but most important of all, the emulator uses a split cartrage format, meaning the Rom image of a cartrage is split into 4 files, instead of a logical one file. This is a major problem, if you consider the fact that the files can be as small as a few kbytes. Putting block sizes into perspective, a small 64k rom can take up as much as 300k of disk space! Seriously
    For Windows 3.1+

    NESA by Paul Robson Last Version: 0.17 [Homepage] | [Screenshot]

    Nesa (not NASA,) is a DOS based NES emulator that uses the .NES cart format. It runs some games fine, but it has a sloppy graphics control for others. Metriod and Zelda are the only games that run good on this emulator. (Note, the older version of the emulator had a bad color pattle translation, meaning the colors where all screwed up. Its fixed now.)
    For DOS

    TNES by Paul Robson Last Version: 0.1 [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    The author, Paul Robson, first wrote NESA. Then stopped production and released the source code to the public, which was used to create Lord-Nes. Now Paul is at it again, except this time, with a more complete emuluation. This emulator has the goodies, like sound support, joystick support, Game Genie support, and SnapShot (game save) support. And it Nestical's farfected humor does not humor you, then read what the author had to say about it in his emulator. "It doesn't contain any references to Satan either, or blooded hands or anything like that, for those that worry about such things." Gee!
    For DOS

    Nesticle by BloodLust Software Last Version: X.XX [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    Ah, the mysterious X.XX version. No one truly knows what all is new in this version but here is what I saw on EmuNews Service:
    - SideWinder Support Works
    - Improvements in sound emulation
    - GrIP support for users who have a Gravis GamePad Pro
    - Chnages in Timing
    It's feeding time and this emulator will have you licking your plate clean! The best NES emulator hands down! Has great graphical and sound emulation, though a bit buggyat times. It also supports "game state save " to preserve a point it the game for later playing or as a tacticle procedure to repeat a challenging part in a game until you get it right. Another neat feature is the NES movie capturing ability to pretty much "record" what you are seeing on screen to a file. You will need the ROM to play the movie clip and there is no support to convert it to a .AVI format video clip. It is, however a good way to inspect your playing style to improve it or record the endings of video games. Also in this emulator are Game Genie Cheat support where the codes can be saved to file for later use, joystick, gamepad and Gravis(