Version: 0.2 Tutorial



Can I Configuring BioNES for my System:

Not Needed.



Is there A Command Line Or Setup File:

As Stated In the Above Question this Is not Needed As This Is A pretty Strict Emulator.



How Do I Load A ROM:

This Is the First Thing you Will See when You Start Up BioNES As Pictured Below:

Simply Navigate To The Directory where you have your NES ROMs Located by Clicking on the Look in Box. After You have found your ROM you may ether Double Click It Or Click It once and Then Click the Open Button.


When I start BioNES It Says Missing *.DLL File:

This Could be That your Version Of Direct X Does not meet the BioNES Requierments. BioNES Requires you To have At Least Version 3.0 of Direct X Or Higher Installed. A Newer Version Could Be Found at or



Hey Why Is This Rom Going Nuts On Me?:

This could be A couple Of different Things Such as An un supported Mapper (the Layout of Tiled Graphics that Are Displayed On Screen and this Is A very slim chance rite now as BioNES Supports the Most Mappers to Date). This could even Be Due to A Damaged ROM or Bad Header wich May be fixable With An NES ROM Utility.



Does BioNES Have A GUI:

This Is really Not nessasary at this Moment In this Emulators Current Status. Every thing Is pretty much Auto In the Current Versions Of BioNES.



What Are the Keyboard Settings For BioNES:

The Key Configurations Are As Follows:


Moves Up


Moves Down


Moves Left


Moves Right






Button A


Button B




Switch Screen Modes (Resolution, Color, ScanLines)


Decrease Frameskip


Increase Frameskip


Toggle JoyPad


Save State (Press 0 through 9 to Select A Save Slot)


Toggle Show FPS (Frames Per Second)


Load Save State (Press 0 through 9 to Select A Save Slot)


HyperShot Dash


HyperShot Jump


Player 2 JoyPad Microphone

The Japanese NES comes with a microphone on the second controller & HyperShot is a custom controlling device from Konami. It Is currently No Configurable Key Settings For BioNES but only Time will tell.



Is there AnyThing else I Should Know:

Yes and This Is most Likly the Most Important one Of All! Please Don't Hassle The Emulation Authors As they Recieve Very Larg Amounts Of Mail asking them What seems to me an infinant Amount Of mail that could never be Sorted through In Fair Time and they are doing this out Of the Kindness Of there heart. If you are Having Trouble With Something Emulation Related then Ask The EmuTek or Simply Seek Out someone who Knows Alot about Emulation and The Likes of It and Ask them. You may Run into A Fool every Once In A While that would rather insult you then Help you (I've Seen This A Million Times Over and Over Again). But what Is knowledge If It Can Not Be Shared and Then Gained...