1) What made you decied to takeover SNEeSe?
Savoury SnaX decided to discontinue SNEeSe, due to lack of time to continue it.
I was still working on it, and didn't feel like starting over from scratch,
so I got in touch with SnaX and officially took over the project.

2) What does SNEeSe work focus on now?
At the moment, compatibility.
There's a lot of bits that directly affect compatibility that are still missing
or buggy (H-IRQ is missing, SPC/sound DSP are buggy), and I'm trying to fix those up.

3) When does chip emulation will be in mind?
Not until compatibility is more reasonable...
I figure that emulating the special chips will be difficult enough without
trying to do so in an already less accurate (and less stable) environment.

4) what do you feel about other SNES emulators? (ZSNES/SNES9x)
I believe SNES '9X has come a long way,
and likely manifests the greatest combined effort in emulating the SNES to date.
Though It does seem to be a bit quirky anymore...
I believe ZSNES is now the leader of the pack... and has been for awhile...
it has a great GUI, compatibility, sound, it's smooth and stable...
even '9X has a ways to catch up with ZSNES

5) do you think about writing any other emulators?
Yes, I do... I'm already assisting in the development of a (to date, unpublicized)
SMS emulator. I'd also like to create a NES emulator. 'sides that... we'll just have to see.

6) what sms emu?
I don't believe it's been named, yet.

7) give us some info about yourself
I'm Charles Bilyue', male and 17 years of age, and my main hobby, anymore,
is emulation, in both use, development, and chat (on IRC)...

8) Anything you like to add?
I, like many others, am eagerly awaiting the new ZSNES...
and a new SNEeSe should be out when I get H-IRQ in...
and I'd like to offer my thanks to emuunlim.com and emuhq.com
for offering to host the SNEeSe homepage, which just moved to emuunlim.com...
and to everyone who's emailed me offering to help out with SNEeSe...
and to everyone else who's tried it, and supports it...
and to you, for taking the time to put up with me and take this interview, hehe.

9) What do you think of this interview?
I made it take too long? heh.. seriously..
I believe it's been rather complete,
and you've been very patient and straightforward,
and I appreciate that..
and I hope someone has as much as enjoyment reading it as I had giving it.