1) A word or two about yourself
Ahh . . I'm twenty, American, have long hair, and am the
only English major I know in the entire emu scene :) I work
at a library with women more than twice my age, go to school
from time to time, and love films, music, art, and almost
anything technology-related. Favorite band is Talking Heads,
favorite director Stanley Kubrick. That's more than two
words so I'll stop . .

2) Sometime ago you thought of stopping work OC'd, cause of PACHUKA. Why?
Oh yeah, that whole thing. Me and Pachuka never had hostility
directly between us; I took issue with the way Tim of A@H posted
on Pachuka's parody, not the parody itself. I never really
intended to shut OC down - while the headline read "OC shuts
down forever", the text below was very sarcastic, and I thought
it was clear I was being ironic. I sent the message out to
siteops stating that it was sarcastic, but it got misinterpreted
by most people. It's entirely my fault, that - I should have been
clearer. Anyhow, I got to know Tim a little better and things
are relatively cool, so I consider it a done deed. Won't happen
again, I promise.

3) What made you start OC'd the first time and where do you get ideas?
OverClocked was started on a whim - I decided to create cartoonish
characters, just for the hell of it. When I finished them and
looked at them, I thought instantly how I could do some sort of
comic strip with them. I thought how I enjoyed the Penny Arcade
strip because it dealt with subjects that few other strips did, and
how something for emulation that was similar (but different in a lot
of ways) would be nice. I sent the first episode link to Atila, he
posted it, feedback was good, so I continued. As for ideas, the
great majority are mine, and I get them from news posts, IRC,
and primarily my own twisted mind. I do a lot of references to
movies, shows, etc., which comes from my love of Mystery Science
Theater 3000 (a tv show).

4) As for the future what is going to happen in OC'd?
It's going to be sued for bad taste and taken down by the IDSA!
Nahh . . I have some plans . . . episodes will continue, maybe
like three a week . . . more remixes . . . character bios . .
a "behind-the-scenes" look at the making of OC . . . I really
want to get people doing some fan strips - they don't have to
be 3d, or even use my characters . . . I want to implement
a "comments" section for each episode . . . and then I have
one or two things that will be surprises . . . no new emus
or roms, so don't lose any sleep :)

5) Whats your feelings about the emulation scene?
ahhh . . . "THAT" question . . . well, I've thought about that
some more . . If I thought the scene was lame, or whatever, I
wouldn't be doing OC, trust me . . . a lot of people think the
"negative" elements of the scene are those individuals that
beg for ROMS, leak betas, that sort of thing - which is true -
but I also think people that are just in it for themselves, even
if they stay quiet most of the time, could be doing more -
engaging in message board conversations, polls, being active
essentially. It's kind of like being a "good citizen" - you
can't just keep to yourself all the time. That being said,
I love the scene, and think most of the indicators point to
it becoming better, not worse.

thats all for serious questions :)

6) How do you make those damn good remix's?
Thanks :) Music is my first and foremost love . . . had to find
a way to cross it with emulation! One of the jobs I'd love
to get would be doing ORIGINAL game soundtracks - some of my
original stuff is at http://iterations.net/audio/ - mostly
soundbites. I use basically ONE keyboard - an ENSONIQ ASR-10
(street price = $800-900). It does everything - it's great!
Sometimes, like with Shinobi and Phantasy Star III, I just
sit down and make it up as I go; the song is in my memory,
entirely. Other times, I go back and listen to the
original a bit, and see what I should keep and what I
should change. With all my remixes so far, there's parts
that are ENTIRELY me, entirely new - like the extended
solos, which are improvised (sorry bout those!). I hope
to generate excitement about remaking these classic themes
that were limited by their hardware, and want others
to submit remixes too.

7) Can/Will you make a parody on emulationzone.org?
I'll parody anything that WORKS . . . if an emulator or site
has unique characteristics surrounding it, it's easy, but with
some things (news sites, for example) a parody is harder
because you have to ask "couldn't this be ANY news site? What
makes it specific?" Send me an idea, I'll log it, and if one
night I think it'll fit in nicely, anything's possible :)

8) Anything you like to add?
Feedback has been great so far, and I hope it continues.
Like I said previously though, I'm really hoping for
fan strip contributions, ideas, suggestions, fan art -
anything and everything you think would be appropriate
for an emu-entertainment theme. And keep an eye out
for some fairly cool additions to OC - they won't
"rock your world", but they'll be neat anyway . . .

9) What do you think of this interview?
Well, I'm in it, so it has to be fascinating, right?
Pretzel would approve, but Green would probably have
some wise-ass comment to make.

thats it. here are some random blurbs cause i was bored that you dont have to answer:

did you nanner nanner poo poo?
Yes . . . twice last week . . it was exhilirating!

if you had a son, would you name him Pretzel?
I'm mean but I'm not that mean . . . My last name
is "Lloyd", so I thought naming him "Mongo" might
be amusing :)

Any relations to Christoper Lloyd?
Yeah - we both have crazy hair

ok im done :) couldnt think of alot of questions tho :|

Hey, no problem . . good job!

Thanks goes out to David, thanks for the interview visit his homepage at www.overclocked.org