> 1) Are you aware of arcade cabinate making? If so, have you ever
though of making an arcade cabinate to give Retrocade a more arcadish
feel for yourself?

Yes, I am aware of cabinet making. I'm quite impressed with some of them,
especially Tim Eckel's work (Arcade@Home). I've toyed around with the idea
of building an arcade cabinet. I recently bought a 53" bigscreen which
replaced a nice 27" Sony TV - perfect for a cabinet! It's also attractive
to my wife because she wants me to get rid of the games I've got. So yes,
in the future, I will build a cabinet, as soon as I get 50 bazillion other
things done. ;-)

> 2) How do you decide on what games to support in retrocade?

Whim mostly, and outside pressure from Retrocade users.

> 3) Retrocade has probbely the best gui an emulator has ever seen, what
was the reason for it?

Credit goes to Mike Cuddy for his most excellent work there. It was
designed to play games and have an off-the-shelf software feel to it.

> 4) What do you feel about MAME? will in the future Retrocade will have
more games or equilent?

It will definitely have more games in the future. But our goal is to
emulate the "cool" games and not every Pacman variant we can find. MAME's
purpose is to document the games, which it does quite well.

> 5) What was the idea for creating Retocade?

I wanted a fast, user friendly emulator targeted at the end user.

> 6) What was the toughest part in writing Retrocade?

Getting to the point where the architecture can accomodate anything we
throw at it. That and having to go through multiple rewrites of major
subsections to improve performance or streamline its operation. The basic
architecture hasn't changed in about a year now but we have been making
internal modifications constantly.

> 7) As today whats the current progress of Retrocade? when will
Retrocade 1.2 will be out and what new games will it have?

I'm currently redoing some of the internals to make Retrocade more
streamlined for the other ports. Sound was added to Tailgunner, and Pengo
was added, too. That, and a whole bunch of bug fixes reported by the
general populus for the 1.2 beta 1 release.

> 8) What was the comments you got from people about Retrocade?

When I initially released it, most people were quite positive, some were
neutral, and some were VERY negative, as if somehow Retrocade threatened
their "preciouse MAME". There are people I refer to as MAME and Retrocade
"Nazi's", meaning that they absolutely refuse to run one or the other,
which is really stupid. Retrocade does somethings better than MAME, and
MAME does some things better than Retrocade. Use each for its strong
points and beyond that have fun.

> 9) Anything you like to add?

Not yet...

> 10) What do you think of this interview?

Pretty good! Keep up the great work!