>1) How did the name "Hu6820" came about?
Its the name of the processor in the PC-Engine

>2) Which system do you think is superior: the NES or the TG16 and why?
thats a tough question, the NES was cool, it had some nice mario games etc,
but I think the TG16 wins because it had so many COOOOL shooters,
Gradius,Parodius,Long Nose Goblin, MagicalChase, LifeForce etc.etc.

>3) How hard was it to obtain info on the TG16 and who was your biggest source for info?
It was difficult getting the docs, but Dave Shadoff helped, and so did David

>4) Can you give us some general emulation programing tips?
erm, well, I find emulating a system without actually having a system is
difficult, thats why I obtained a pc-engine with a MGD2 backup device , so i
could actually try things out on a real PC-E. This helped alot

>5) What was the hardest part to emulate in Hu6820?
probably the sound, its still not perfect

>6) Whats the current progress with Hu6820?
Its coming along nicely, i`m adding cdrom support

>7) What do you feel about Magic Engine?
MagicEngine is really great, its just a shame it costs so much and it wasn`t
ported to other platforms, David Michiel is a clever guy, !!

>8) Will you write another emulator?
Yes, I`m working on several other emus (none have been released)

>9) What about other ports of Hu6820?
Well, we have seen the MAC port and the N64 port, I wonder which platform
it`ll get ported to next... :)

>10) Why did you decided to write a TG16 emulator?
I coded this emulator because i loved Pc-Engine so much, its my favourite

>11) What comments did you get on Hu6820?
People generally send me email saying, Why bother , Magic Engine rules...
this bores me!

>12) What do you think of this interview?
Cool interview, I like it!