1} Tell us something about yourself
I'm 21 years old, work as a programmer (big surprise), and find myself
going on about 'ack these games these days they aint as good as when I was
a lad sonny jim'. Occasionally.

2) What made you get into Emulation and then writing an Emulator of your own?
I was amazed by emulation when I first saw it used in video games, as I'm
sure most people vaguely interested in PCs and consoles were. There's
always a lot of source code on the Internet, and so I took one piece and
plugged it into another... before I knew I was an emu author. Okay, it
wasn't quite that simple - but it was close!

3) DTmnt had lots of good feedback will there be a new version?
4) After MAME emulated TMNT2 and Simpsons will you work on DTmnt2 and DSmpn? :)
3+4: Strange story... I was working on DTMNT1 (a DirectX update) and 2 at
the same time but progress was slow. Suddenly MAME released their comic
book version and I realised they had it all nailed in one go - even the
Simpsons! Those guys are very talented. As for DTmnt2 and DSimpsons - there's no need. MAME have done it.
(Remember - Simpsons has a custom CPU which only MAME has emulated!)
By the way, if anyone is finding that MAME won't run, try MAME32 (DirectX version) as that may fix things.

5) What made you pass all of thos and write a genesis emulator?
Well DGen is kind of what MESS wasn't ;-) Since the MAME team have all
these perfect emulators for all the chips in the Genesis (except the VDP)
you would expect MESS to be the answer.
In particular the sound emulation would be pretty perfect, thanks to
Tatsuyuki Satoh's YM2612 emu. When I got DGen working, I put that sound emu
in DGen. It wasn't as fast as KGen or Genecyst, but the sound was more authentic.

6) Whats next for DGen?
Not a lot. I've started a new job which should be taking up 110% of my
time. Strangely, I still seem to be working slightly on DGen... :)

7) Do you have any plans on a new project once DGen is finished?
Not really. I was going to have a go at an After Burner emu even though I
wouldn't stand much of a chance of getting anywhere (I just love the game)!
But... as soon as I have a go at an emu, the MAME team 'maim' it within
months anyway! So I figure, if the MAME team are reading this, they could
just release a perfect After Burner emu now and save me 6 months ;)
Just kidding guys! I think I'll leave After Burner for someone else to
emulate - I wait with baited breath...

8) Anything else you'd like to share?
Nothing springs to mind.

9) What do you think of this interview?
It's the bestest best best interview ever ever ever.