What do I need to run an Emulator


Want to know if you can run that emulator on your old 286 huh? Right? Well here I tell you everything you need and then some.

First off you need a computer. Obviously. So all of you WebTV guys, go out and buy a real frickin computer ok? Geeze.

Now don't worry you don't need a state of the art, kick ass Pentium III 500 with all of the new bells and whistles. No. In fact to run most emulators well this is all you need:

Gamepad (MS Sidewinder or Gravis is best)

This is basic. Mainly this will run emulators for 8 bit systems (i.e. Nintendo, Sega Master System, Atari 2600 etc) at near full speed and can probably do 16bit systems (Genesis, SNES) at a playable speed (in the System Specific Section I go over briefly what you need for each system). Newer emulated systems like the legendary UltraHLE (you'll find out) which emulates the Nintendo 64 and bleem! (a playstation emulator) need at the very least a PII with a 3Dfx card.