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    Welcome to Emulation Reality . . . . . . . . . .

    Please Read

    This site has been shut-down. It was started an a "spirt of-the-moment" type idea between Ranjae and myself. We came up with the idea after reading about weeks worth of hurrassment against VGS by Sony. Then came UltraHLE, which lead to an even higher level of harrassment by the IDSA, Nintendo and other organizations, which lead to the demise of severial emulator projects in a short period of time. The emulation scene was begining to crumbing all around us. Something had to be done and fast!

    Hence, ER, Emulation Reality was formed. We were able to rack-up a huge amount of support in such a short amount of time. Ranjae received well over a thousand email message in a weeks time from people showing their support! I myself desided to write-up a document talking about how to distribute ROM image legally. (Which has yet been challenge by Nintendo!)

    Unfortunatly, when we asked for help from the with the thousands and thousands of onlookers, no one steped forward to help us out. Thus began the death of ER. Ranjae soon resigned and I can't say I don't him. Though the page is dead, it will remain up as a symbol to anyone out there thinking about toppleing the emulation scene: there are still people within it crazy enough to fight for the true values of the emulation scene at any cost.

    "Where The Emulation Scene Fights Back"

    Welcome to Emulation Reality. This organization was created to help revive the true spirit of emulation, lost in a sea of lawyers' lies, "gamerz" grimy fingers, and peoples' prejudice. We are also here to provide a single powerful entity through which emulator authors and others in the emulation scene can take a stand against oppressors such as the IDSA. We're here to reclaim emulation from the 1337 h4x0rs and the others who would make it seem like we are all dirty, illegal scum.

    If you would like to join Emulation Reality, please fill out the form below. Help us, the people, clean up the dirtied image of the emulation scene and protect our rights!

    Become A Member Site . . . . . . . . . .

    Wish to become an affiliate site? Here's the place to be. However, there are several requirements of member sites:

    • Your site must be emulation related.
    • If you become a member site, you must also act as an announcement mirror for Emulation Reality.
    • You must display this image somewhere on your site and link it back to Emulation Reality (http://www.emulationzone.org/er) (If you have a huge problem with it or a suggestion for a new one, e-mail }-RaeJae-{ and we'll figure something out).
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