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Nickname Position Email Address

(Andy Wolan)
Founder Overseer of Operations,
Generial Maintainer,
SSRG: Lock-On Technology Hacking Section
Andre' Dirk Sonic Stuff Research Group: Secret of Sonic
Blazemore Game Skins, Kid Icarus Colisum and Zillion FanFare sections
GeoJr Ningendo
Grimm EMUFAQ Maintainer
JViper Front Ends Central
Head MTEC Maintainer, Italian Mirror Maintainer, KaosEngine developer
LrdChaos NeoRage SaveState Archive
NEVERMIND8 NESticle Movie Archive Founder & Maintainer
pj gym2mid Author
Poleza 32X and SegaCD Console Section
Graphics Guru, WEMU Maintainer
SaxMan Head Sonic Stuff Research Group
WEMU Maintainer, DarkNES DOS Port Maintainer
Blaster Master Underground, Head of EmuLink Section
Simone Zanella EmuTools Author
Stealth Sonic Stuff Research Group: Researcher
Head of Translation Central
WB Head of Sonic HeadQuarters
Zaiaku Dash!
Zastai GenEdit Author and Maintainer
evilRyu Gameboy Console Section, Interview Section of WEMU
Cyahn Sonic Stuff Research Group: Underground Zone
GreenAngel (mcKnight) XSPC Audio Player>
Jabaza Sonic Stuff Research Group: Area 51
Insektor French Mirror
iantri NES Console Section
Rlan Sonic Stuff Research Group: FanMade Games
Deds Man SonicX
TruPlaya OpenTrans Trasnlations
Ultimo Genesis/SNES/Neo-Geo Console Sections
Moogleff EmuLinks/Rom Sites and EmuLinks/Emulators Maintainer
Roushi PlayStation Console Section HAILERRD@IIIMEF.USMC.MIL
Kamaya Sega Master System/GameGear Console Section
Offspring N64 Console SEction
Wiseman SSRG: Spanish Mirror
Hellmage Hellmage Website
Subzane NES ROM Review Site
Parados WEMU Articles Author
Lord South EmuLinks/Message Boards Maintainer
Andreas N. WakdHacks

Noted Past Members
Nickname Position Email Address ICQ Number AOL Instant Message
Peepo Retired
Screenshots Sections Maintainer 267745 n/a
Retired Translation Sections Co-Maintainer 1259655 ?
Manu Retired N64 Console Section
Veralden Former SMS/GG Maintainer
Retired Magitek RPG Research Founder
Retired NES Section Maintainer
Retired PlayStation Maintainer
Simon Wai S2BETA
Former NES Console Section Maintainer